What I do…

“For the last fourteen years I’ve used my skills to promote wellbeing, prevent injury and help my clients decompress from life’s daily routine. Massage is perfect for addressing the physical tension we hold in our bodies. Hypnotherapy is a wonder-filled approach for helping address detrimental thoughts and behavioural patterns”

More recently I am incorporating my skills as a complimentary therapist with my passion for helping people navigate anxiety and grief casued by loss and bereavement.

It’s all about you…

When I engage with my clients I am looking to create an environment that’s a safe space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. This applies to both the tactile and talking therapies I offer.

I adhere to the principles and guidelines of my professional bodies where respect, professionalism and confidentiality are cornerstones of how IĀ approach my work.

I am continually inspired, motivated and taught through the people I meet at Ashgate Hospice and Cruse Bereavement Care.