I have directed you to this page and at the same time, I have blocked you from sending me any more texts. Now that’s what I call a happy ending.

At first I thought my website had been hacked, because I’m sure what you asked me to do to you was not advertised on my treatment menu. Then I quickly realised my website was fine so I redirected you here.

If your kink was handcuffs, would you go up to a police officer and ask to be cuffed and spanked, just because you know they are carrying handcuffs? No, you wouldn’t. Likewise, I don’t want that aforementioned copper using their cuffs on me as I’m dragged away for sexual assault. My professional body would frown upon me and my insurance company would not likely pay for my legal fees.

I know, that you know, that was some strange stuff you wanted me to do! Stuff you had no right to think let alone articulate. I was emotionally conflicted when you sent me that text. Part of me wanted to thump you, part of me felt sorry for you and the part that was left was just sad. Why do you people always send a text? it’s never a phone call, what are you afraid of? You seem quiet happy to rock up at a strangers workplace, subject yourself to some pretty embarrassing and weird physical stuff, naked, but you can’t ask for that with a phone call?

Massage therapists across the world have to deal with these requests everyday and you need to be aware, we don’t invite it or like it.

This page is dedicated to you. If the cap fits, wear it.

A happy ending is just a story that has not yet finished

believe it

I love feet, but I do not suck toes…

I am not and never will be “in love” with your feet

Do I have to wear my underpants, and will you be wearing yours?

Leave my y-fronts out of this

If I am going to be naked will you be naked with me?


How much do you charge for the extra’s?

I may have to charge you more to be nice to you

Do you have to cover me up with a towel?

Yes, I will even leave the room while you dress and undress

Will you be fully naked?

erm, no

If you want to be touched in a sexual/strange way then please look for someone that advertises that kind of service. Professional massage therapists don’t.

If I read your text wrong, I apologise. Please sit back, have a smile and I’m sorry to say your still going to have to find another therapist.