Booking In – Covid-19

When you make an appointment you will be asked to complete my online client consultation. It has always been important to do this as it gives me insights into your massage needs and is part of my compliance with my professional body.

It is even more important to complete this form now as it helps form part of my risk assessment to safeguard you and me against the risks presented by Covid-19.

When you arrive at Dunston House

Instead of using the office building intercom system, you can use your mobile phone to call me and I will come and collect you from outside. That way we can avoid waiting in the reception.

For those of you familiar with my massage style I like working on the neck and head when you are face-down and face-up. When you are face up we can talk about wearing face masks to limit our exposure.

The measures we will take to protect us.

  • Dunston House has stepped up its cleaning protocols and there is hand sanitiser aplenty.
  • Walking to and from my office, we will keep our distance and wear masks
  • When we arrive at my room we can both use the hand sanitiser.
  • I use seven towels during a massage, and these are all changed per client. I have never used paper-roll and I don’t intend to start now because of Covid-19
  • There will be no water on offer – sorry.
  • My surfaces and all door handles will all be cleaned between clients.
  • I will go for regular tests and when my antibody test results are back I will let my clients know.
  • If I am even slightly unwell – I will cancel our appointment, I would ask you to do the same.
  • During the massage, I can wear a mask.
  • After the massage, we will keep out time together at a minimum
  • Please arrive alone, no one can wait in my room or the reception.
  • Try and use the toilets in your home, although the Dunston House toilets are maintained to a high level of cleanliness.

I have had all my jabs now and I use the lateral flow tests several times a week.